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        Connect with nature

      Connect with yourself

Mountain Retreats
Individual or Group Experiences offered

Develop somatic awareness, mindfulness and connection in the beauty of nature.  Take a weekend and find yourself through equine assisted therapy, yoga and expressive arts.  Lower symptoms of anxiety and stress as you breathe in the mountain air.

Retreats include the following therapeutic modalities:


Equine Assisted Therapy

Spend a day with the spirit of the horse.  Their ability to sense into emotion allows participants to gain valuable insight and awareness.

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Expressive Arts

Use the magic of color and paint to express true feelings from the inside.  Collage or acrylic paint will be used to tap into internalized emotional states.

Yoga Mats

Yoga and Somatic Experiencing

Each morning will begin with a mindful meditation or yoga.  The five senses will be explored along with body awareness through simple yoga poses.

     For more information on upcoming retreats contact Cindy at or click on the link below.

Individual Comprehensive Retreats scheduled per request
Design your own personal retreat

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